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The best point of this work is the combination of ambient sounds and voice.Overall it gives a really nice atmosphere of remoteness and relaxation.There are multiple lighting options for each one, which helps give you the illusion of time passing.This is a huge bonus and really helped make my game more immersive.Her title, ”Soleil D’Ecole,” means ”Sun of the School” and it shows.The girls of Vincennes fell in love with her at first sight.But despite her transcendent popularity, many find her difficult to approach due to her rather progressive ideals... When she meets the protagonist, she decides he’s the one she’s looking for and arranges his transfer.As she watches him, she decides she really does have good taste. It’s up to you to get them to accept reform.” Ritsuko is a 1st year student in Final Course. But as head of the Red Rose society, she will fight to keep Vincennes the way it is.

An original fighting game from Alice Soft, Record of Alice's War 2 features many characters from the company's catalogue of games, such as the well-known Rance and Escalayer.The trial download is representative so use that to see if it's your kind of thing. I've been slowly working my way through all the tracks, looking for the perfect songs to flesh out the scenes in my game and I'm extremely impressed.Sadly the rain section is much shorter than I would have liked. It's also nice because there's so many options (including songs with different speed options) I know that my game won't sound the same as those who also bought this (always a slight issue for those of us using these sets).It's got well over 1,100 sound files and a lot of the songs have different speed variations so you can match it to the mood of the scene.According to Winamp all the songs in this collection add up to a whopping 51 HOURS of stuff.

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